Meet the Leaders Quest: Day 14

Empire Kred

As Sir Rudiger would say WOWZA! Balloons are flying, players are snapping up pie, eaves, and more in order to help Operation Supply Drop. 20% of every purchase goes to this great charity, so you can help soldiers get video game drops by simply enjoying YOUR game upgrades. Plus, with the 5th Anniversary [X]PendaPalooza 20 coming up next weekend, you can stock up now and help the soldiers. 

The Ultimate Leader Upgrade is one of the BEST ways to help your game – and, right now, it’s on sale for apx. $100. Buy now and $20 of your purchase will go to charity. You’ll get all the benefits PLUS you’ll share in the leader milestone jackpot, which you’ll get later this week.

Leaders REALLY want you to join, because they know first-hand how powerful the Leader Upgrade is.

  • About 70 leaders have told their stories to help you learn how the…

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